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Easter Egg Hunt V's Job Hunt

With the Easter weekend nearly upon us, many are looking forward to spending time with family and catching up with friends. Did you know this time of year is a great time to be job hunting? With the extended break from the norm and extra opportunity to plan your next (or first) career move, Riada wanted to share some top tips on the best ways to make the most of the holiday and get ahead in your job search.

Set Goals

Setting goals will enable you to see how productive a weekend you've had. Think about what you’ve been doing so far – what’s worked? what hasn’t? The key is to set goals you know you can realistically achieve. For example, sending your CV to a member of the Riada team or finding and applying for a job that interests you online. Set goals that will deliver the right results for you.

Refresh your CV

Your brand reflects you and your reputation. Why not invest your time and showcase your skills and achievements by improving your CV? When applying for jobs the key is to make sure your CV specifically matches what the employer is asking for... employers want to see what you did and the outcome of it. If you’re a recent graduate and can’t give such specific examples, don’t panic. Instead give examples of a skill you used at university, the outcome of using it and how it peaked your interest in the industry.

Practice makes Perfect

Did you know more and more interviews are being carried out virtually? It's important you're prepared for this new way of communication. Check your environment and where you will set up for these interviews and ask yourself is there good natural light? Ensure it’s clutter free and finally make sure it’s quiet – eliminate all distractions. All suggestions above will help to ensure that your first impression is indeed a good one.

Discover new Jobs

Visit Riada's website to discover roles with leading, local employers or have a chat with a member of the Riada team who will be able to advise you on a job suited to you and your career expectations.


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