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Heather Lennox - Riada Specialist Profile

Business Development Manager specialising in Agri, Food & Pharmaceutical recruitment...

Started Riada in 2000...

One piece of advice you would give to companies who have never used a recruitment agency?

Clients only get charged for workers when they work - Riada will advertise, coordinate ad response, shortlist and interview your employees through a recruitment campaign tailored to your companies requirements including all pre-selection procedures - this is all FREE.

By using Riada’s expertise in talent sourcing and account management, our clients can focus on their core business without the distraction and stress often associated with the recruitment process.

Something our current and potential clients may not know about you?

I have been working for Riada since the very beginning when it was only Frances and I. The fact that candidates continue to come back to me for help in their new job searches and I see the career progression of those candidates in roles I have found for them gives me great job satisfaction.

What do you find most challenging about the recruitment industry?

Recruitment is all about people. People are our product. People can be unpredictable and that is what drives a need for this industry. We provide an honest service and are committed to getting the best out of and for our candidates, which in turn, enables us to offer the best solution to our clients.

What are your priorities for the year ahead at Riada Resourcing?

I specialise in Agricultural, Food and Pharmaceutical permanent recruitment across Northern Ireland so for me, my priorities for the year ahead are to continue to drive business progress and economic growth for companies within these specific markets.


Are you looking to recruit for your business and struggling to get the right calibre of candidate? Or perhaps you don't have the time to process volume of applications you are receiving?

Arrange a confidential consultation with Heather today to discuss your company recruitment campaign by calling 028 7032 6600, email or connect with her on Linkedin

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