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How To Improve Your Career Prospects By Updating Your LinkedIn Profile...

Did you know that two professionals join LinkedIn every second?

This impressive growth rate has seen LinkedIn rise from 467 million users in 2016 to 590 million by the end of 2018 - approximately 123 million users in two years.

When we compare these statistics to the likes of other social channels like Twitter, which has gained only 9 million users in the same time period, there appears to have been a real culture shift in people seeing social media as not only a means to showcase their fun, personal lives, but as a successful tool to network, connect with like-minded professionals and to grow their careers.

We have compiled a list of top tips we believe will help you in establishing your LinkedIn profile and following, ultimately helping you make the most out of your time spent using the leading professional online network.

1. Choose an appropriate photo.

The more complete and concise your profile appears, the better it will perform in terms of connecting with similar employers and recruiters. Choose a picture with a neutral background in a professional setting ie office, outside or work environment. Putting a face to the name is key when creating a memorable first impression and will make you stand out among other individuals - in fact it will increase your profile views by up to 6 times!

2. Take advantage of the summary space.

Ideally, your profile summary should tell the story of where you are based, your field of expertise and industries you have had exposure to across your working history. No longer than 3 - 5 short paragraphs, preferably with a bullet-ed section in the middle, your personal summary should include information such as skills, qualifications, passions and goals which will make a world of difference in gaining connections - people will want to connect with positive, success driven individuals!

3. Avoid buzzwords - be original!

The most common buzzwords used on LinkedIn profiles are responsible, creative, effective, analytical, strategic, patient, expert, organisational, driven, and innovative - it’s time for you to set yourself and your personal brand apart. Be creative - 30 million companies have LinkedIn profiles so it could make all the difference in finding your next career move!

4. Get a custom URL yourname rather than the combination of numbers that LinkedIn automatically assigns to you when you first register. It sounds complicated but is in actual fact quite simple to achieve. On the Edit Profile screen, at the bottom of the grey window that shows your basic information, you will see a Public Profile URL. Click “Edit” next to the URL, specify what you’d like your address to be and when finished, click Set Custom URL. Now you can be discovered easier and can be searched for more efficiently.

LinkedIn has been building a platform that priorities business voices, so following our helpful advice should have you on the right track to building the correct professional image.


We have provided a number of people with full time, job opportunities after connecting with us on LinkedIn.

Do you want to discover what roles are available for you? Get in touch by sending us a message via our LinkedIn Page, give us a call on 028 7032 6600 or send us an email to

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