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How to promote a strong sense of community among your remote employees?

Events over the past 12 months have shown us that wellbeing and inclusion are instrumental to an organisation’s success. Now in our third lockdown, how can we as leaders continue to prioritise and promote this strong sense of community whilst working remotely? Do your employees feel like part of a community, irrespective of their present work situation? In this article, we’ll explore what you can do and the steps you can take as a business to actively encourage wellbeing and inclusion among all, focussing on 4 key points:


Learning & Development


Basic needs


We all like the feeling of ownership and responsibility. Knowing and understanding yours’ and your team’s personality types through regular communication and meetings helps you work out how best to relate and provide autonomy to your colleagues without overwhelming them. Why not try introducing daily team briefings via zoom or microsoft teams to ensure everyone is focussed on their tasks for the day ahead, and understands objectives that need to be achieved? This method allows you to check in with your employees, set targets whilst giving them the opportunity to take responsibility and complete their workload independently.

Learning & Development

There’s a certain confidence that comes from learning. Providing your team with learning and development opportunities this year gives them the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and upskill on soft and hard skills and creates a feeling of progression during a time that can seem passive. Keep an eye on local chamber websites such as Causeway Chamber of Commerce where local events, virtual webinars, educational opportunities and community news are shared regularly.


There are many ways to create inclusion, even in a virtual working space. Consider the dynamics of your team for example, and proactively invite everyone’s input before making decisions or policies. This is essential because more often than not, we approach things from our own unique point of view.

Another way is to create inclusion is via a virtual office where people can collaborate together, or break out into a separate room for a ‘coffee break’. Zoom’s new feature allows people to choose their breakout rooms, and has some fun filters that are good icebreakers - Friday afternoons could be a great time to use this new feature!

Basic Needs

It’s vital to understand yours and your team’s basic emotional, physical and mental needs. By truly understanding these 3 basics, it allows you to create a supportive environment where everyone feels authentic and the best version of their professional selves. Gain a thorough understanding of your team’s personality and preferred form communication style - this will help you to improve the effectiveness of your communication, whilst ensuring your message is heard and acted upon, virtually or face to face.

Are any of these challenges something you are facing as a manager at the moment? Get in touch with our team if you would like a confidential chat.

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