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Jordan's Story Production

Updated: May 25, 2021

Is strong career progression important to you?

Would you like to get a great start to your career?

Jordan registered with Riada in 2012, keen to keep up to date on vacancies that would be of interest to him once he completed his HNC Diploma in Business studies the following year. Working in a customer service role at the time, Jordan wanted to put his studies into practice and asked Riada to help him progress in his career. Riada got to know Jordan & his expectations through consistent, ongoing communication and realised the potential he had. He expressed to our consultants an interest in production supervisor vacancies within the manufacturing industry. With advice from our recruitment specialists he was able to understand the specific role requirements and what experience he needed to obtain. Jordan decided to add to his qualifications and was accepted into University of Ulster Magee in 2015 to enhance his business acumen. During the next 2 years he progressed into an assistant manager role of a dairy farm, and from then onto a production supervisor role at a saw-milling company. Throughout his studies, Riada kept in touch with Jordan through personalised email and telephone communication, coupled with strong mail and social media content which allowed him to see the readily available jobs applicable to his career interests on a variety of different channels. In January 2017, Jordan had 6 months left in his studies before he graduated. Due to the strong relationship Riada had formed with him, our recruitment expert Gary got in touch with Jordan again, explaining the opening of a production management role at a more senior level that would be a suitable match for his career aspirations. Gary arranged an interview for Jordan with the leading manufacturing company. Jordan was offered the role of Production Supervisor a few days later. Speaking with Gary a short time after he started, Jordan explained that the role was exceeding his expectations... “Hi Gary, it’s going great, the people are so welcoming and have a genuine desire to see you succeed in your role. The place is quite inspiring. It’s definitely where I want to be and the potential is amazing. I know it’s only been 4 days but I can honestly say I can see my future here. Thanks again for the opportunity.”


If you want to find out what skilled job opportunities are available for you, book an appointment with a member of our team today to discuss what opportunities are available for you. Email or give us a call on 02870326600... Do you have Linkedin? Connect with our professional network of recruitment specialists and keep up to date on the latest vacancies we are recruiting for. #testimonial #economy #industry #work #employment #placement #production #economicgrowth #recruitment #Updates #HR #hiring #Career #NorthernIreland #skilled #Employers #services #staff #Profile #Engineering #Jobs #stories #Candidates #StaffingRecruitment

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