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Riada and RiverRidge celebrate #RecyclingHeroes

Global Recycling Day takes place annually on 18th March. The theme for 2023 is Creative Innovation, encouraging people to celebrate their #RecyclingHeroes – the people, businesses and activities that continue to support recycling efforts for their communities. To mark the campaign Riada Resourcing, in collaboration with their client RiverRidge, are recognising Riada’s temporary workers within the waste and resource management company, whose efforts continue to contribute towards a greener future.

Pictured above are Wojciech Kobylinskiand and Gareth Browne, both Riada temporary workers based in RiverRidge as Production Operators.

Award-winning RiverRidge is Northern Ireland’s leading waste and resource management company, treating over 400,000mt of waste each year. Initially acquired in 2011, the company has undergone substantial investment over the past number of years and has played a pivotal role in enabling the achievement of landfill diversion strategies by the region’s local authorities, becoming a critical part of the region’s sustainable future. The company’s position in terms of service levels, innovation and best practice have been continuously recognised by various organisations.

RiverRidge has been a valued client of Riada’s since 2012. Riada has been committed to providing the company with long-term recruitment solutions in order to help meet business objectives and company growth aspirations. For 11 years they have sourced candidates across various departments from entry to senior level positions, managing an ongoing recruitment campaign that has delivered over 567 quality people.

Both Riada and RiverRidge are actively engaged within their local communities and are passionate about minimising the impact on the environment. RiverRidge has implemented multiple environmental policies and waste management systems that focus on minimising waste production as far as is practically possible, maximising efficient use of natural resources whilst maintaining company assets in an environmentally sensitive way.

Global Recycling Day is annually observed to help recognise and celebrate the important role that recycling plays in preserving our natural resources and securing the future of our planet. Want to nominate your #RecyclingHero? Comment below and share your stories.

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