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Riada recruits for Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

Riada specialise in the supply of key workers and experienced professionals for businesses and infrastructures across Northern Ireland. Riada Resourcing are recruiting for key workers and business professionals across a number of specialities for Northern Ireland Electricity Networks. NIE are a critical infrastructure business, supporting essential electricity transmission and distribution networks across the province.

Riada have strong connections in Antrim, L/Derry and Mid Ulster after delivering on the recruitment needs of many businesses in the areas for over 20 years and are looking forward to building upon these relationships, creating valuable employment opportunities and becoming the local point of contact for anyone interested in working for Northern Ireland Electricity Networks.

Riada will be sourcing for a wide range of finance, commercial, procurement, professional, technical, IT and technology posts within NIE for short and long term cover. Sites will range from Ballymena, L/Derry, Belfast, Portadown, Omagh and Lurgan and travel between locations may be required depending on the position.

Riada Managing Director Frances Lundy highlights the importance of Northern Ireland embracing the resilience and resourcefulness that has got us all this far in order to drive forward. “Since our founding in 2000 we’ve built strong, honest relationships by taking the time to get to know people and businesses inside out...these values have enabled our business to deliver on the recruitment needs of companies for 20 years. Riada’s recruitment for NIE will help support the economy and we look forward to providing much needed employment opportunities for a talented NI workforce…”

NIE and Riada value people and believe in developing and nurturing effective teams and high performing leaders. At Riada, their specialist consultants are committed to helping their clients grow and their business professionals succeed.

Get in touch to discover more and how to apply.


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