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Top Soft Skills to Future-Proof Your Career

Hard skills can help you get an employer's attention, but soft skills can help you hold a successful interview and secure you the job you want.

Soft skills are in demand across all industries. In fact, 45% of all LinkedIn Premium jobs posted within the past 3 months mention the importance of communication skills. From your colleagues' perspective, more than 3 in 5 (61%) of professionals say soft skills in the workplace are just as important as hard skills.

Since the pandemic, 'people skills', have become more powerful than ever. Riada have researched the top trending skills added to LinkedIn profiles across all professionals. According to data provided by LinkedIn, these are the soft skills that showed up the most. Learn the top trending soft skills today to ensure you have the skillset for what's next.

Top Soft Skills to Future-Proof Your Career:

1. Leadership

2. Communication

3. Problem Solving

4. Management

5. Time Management

6. Strategy

**data according to LinkedIn**


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