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Why is employee engagement critical to your business?

Adopting a few simple approaches to keep employees feeling valued, motivated and cared for will make all the difference in these uncertain times. In a world where the employee experience has drastically changed, employee engagement continues to have an important role to play in business success.

1. An engaged employee understands and believes in the direction of the company.

Your company values are what you believe will help you, your business and your employees succeed. Even in these challenging times, take time to revisit your mission and values over the next few weeks, sharing these with your team. Making sure they remain prominent in everyone's minds will ensure correct behaviours are adopted and will be influential in key decision making. There are some great examples of how companies are living their values at the moment, like offering more opportunities to enhance health and well being through mental health seminars to weekly 1-1 catch-ups - choose what works for your business.

2. An engaged employee understands how their role contributes to the success of the company.

An engaged employee clearly understands how they personally contribute to the company and how they help it succeed. This is even more important now with roles and processes changing as businesses operate in different ways. Keep in mind to address how your employees roles and focus may change this year. Since our businesses will continue to face change, it’s important that these conversations happen on an ongoing basis.

3. An engaged employee genuinely wants the company to succeed.

An engaged employee will do what it takes to help the company succeed through hard work, innovative thoughts and ideas. This is even more important now as new ways of working and new ideas are what will help companies not only survive but thrive in these challenging times. Some of your team will easily come up with new ways of working, while others may struggle with this. Encourage your teams to share new ideas. Get everyone excited and open to sharing

Let’s continue to share and care for our employees, for our businesses, and for one another as we move forward this year.

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