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Emma's Story Social Care

Updated: May 25, 2021

Emma registered online with Riada in 2009 initially looking for temporary summer work as she was about to begin her final year of school in September of the same year. She was seeking valuable work experience that would benefit her long term when looking for permanent work after completing her A Levels.

Riada were able to place Emma within a local council division as a crew member for a tourist activity centre in the North Coast, within a month of initial contact. We specialise in temporary and permanent recruitment so our well established local connections ensured Emma was placed quickly and in a role matching her skills and expertise. Working full time hours in the peak summer months of June, July & August, Riada were keen to keep in contact with Emma to ensure she had options available coming into the autumn. In September 2010 we reached out to her explaining that her current role was available on an ongoing contract, which we successfully placed her in for over a year, lasting until June 2011.

Riada built up a great relationship with Emma, understanding her developing working interest in early childhood studies. Emma had completed her BSC certificate in Early Childhood Care, Health and Education at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology whilst working in the temporary role and once the placement was finished, we were able to place Emma in a senior transport supervisory position on a ongoing basis, again with the same local council we first placed her in. Giving her great experience in management, she was excited that she could apply the skills gained in this role to her desired position in the childcare services industry. For the next couple of years Emma volunteered in various schools and nurseries in the North Coast area whilst working part time to build up her experience.

Aware of Emma’s working history and the skills she now had due to our continued communication, in July 2018 our recruitment team gave her a call explaining she was recruiting for a new role of Deputy Playgroup Leader in Portrush. An interview was arranged and Emma was successful, beginning her employment at the start of September.

Emma has been doing extremely well as Deputy Playgroup Lead and has in fact got in contact with Riada again last month, this time looking to discuss the possibility of us recruiting for staff of her very own playgroup team. Riada source quality candidates and Emma is meeting with our recruitment specialists to discuss staffing options in the coming weeks.

“Riada really took the time to understand my working preferences and where I saw myself and my career in a few years time. I have been registered with Riada for nearly 10 years now and in that time Riada have provided me with employment that has enabled me to enhance my career and achieve the full time, permanent position I'm in today...I trust Riada's expertise...”



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