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3 Benefits Of Investing In Your Hospitality Recruitment Strategy...

Progression can be fast within the hospitality & tourism sectors, candidates can gain an invaluable amount of transferable skills as they move up the career ladder from entry to more senior level roles. Investing in your recruitment strategy with Riada can ensure your company reaps the benefits of hiring skilled, experienced individuals passionate about making a positive contribution to the industry...

1.Strategic Alignment

You’re searching for candidates that can make an instant, recognisable contribution and impact to your organisation, not just people who are immediately available. A targeted, personalised recruitment campaign aimed at finding the right calibre of candidate through talent resourcing, online marketing and the correct industry knowledge ensures people that ‘fit’ your ethos and values are delivered.

Planned recruitment strategies help your organisation become more proactive. Whether it's through events, marketing content or talent networks, Riada’s recruitment specialists, with first hand experience within hospitality, have the tools necessary to engage the right candidates more effectively.

2. Stronger Employer Branding

Well thought out and planned recruitment strategies can result in effective communication of your company culture, attracting potential candidates and managing their expectations from the outset. The hospitality industry is vast, with a wide range of cultures. The working style of a team in cafe or restaurant will differ from a hotel or tourist resort,so it's important to define what your company looks like within your recruitment strategy.We will help you achieve this. Quality candidates might be willing to learn more about a business but not yet ‘ready to apply’, however through our ever increasing talent network of over 70,000 candidates, Riada can source and convert these skilled individuals into leads, contributing to improved company staff retention statistics, personnel development and positive brand marketing.

3. Candidate Screening, Assessment and Communication Managed For You…

Investing in your company recruitment strategy can contribute positively towards your long term business objectives. Sourcing and recruiting of high quality hospitality personnel can take time and effort - Riada oversee and manage job advertising, ad response, shortlisting and interviewing procedures in line with your company requirements, pre selection procedures ie skills tests, qualification checks etc and inductions with new starts, saving you both time and money. Having a good agency can decrease the time it take’s to hire by up to 2 weeks ( writer Jason Collings article ‘The True Cost of Hire').


Riada has one of the largest databases and networks in Northern Ireland. We keep it constantly updated so we have only the best candidates available to you. Our hospitality team have a wealth of knowledge combined with hands on, practical work experience within the hospitality industry itself in order to source the highest calibre of candidates across Northern Ireland...

Get in touch with them today for a confidential consultation on how we can deliver on your business needs and expectations…

Give us a call on 028 7032 6600 or email

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