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5 Ways To Come Back To Work Ready After Holidays

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

You aren't alone if you've ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation.

Riada are sharing 5 tried and tested strategies to make your transition back to work a

little smoother, help you push past that post-vacation dread and get you back on track

in the new year.


A great way to ease yourself back into the routine is to have a proper clear-out of your desk a few days before coming back to work, and not just on the surface but in all the drawers and filing cabinets you use too. Chances are there are lots of documents that you don’t need any more and the best place for them will be the shredder. A clear desk means a clear mind and can help set you up for a more productive day ahead.

Get organised

Of course, there are also going to be lots of things you do need to keep and when you get back to work it will be the perfect time to rationalise the way that you file them. Why not store your documents in new binders? And how about some bright and shiny letter trays help keep every document you need more easily to hand? Organisation means better time management which means less stress and more positive thinking - win win!


Once you’ve cleared the decks of clutter it’s time to take a look at the diary and see what’s coming up in the next few weeks. This is also the perfect moment to start prioritising your time and dividing the essential from the not so important.

Work through your messages

The chances are that your email inbox will be full to bursting by the time you get back to work and the immediate inclination might be to start working through the messages in chronological order. But it will probably be a far more efficient use of your time if you deal with them all either by sender or the topic area that they concern. By being more focused you’ll also deal with them more effectively.


Amidst all this activity you should remember that it’s hard to go straight from the total relaxation of your holiday to the hectic working environment. So, to create more of a “soft landing”, take time for a virtual lunch break and a catch-up. There are many great online platforms to choose from that make socialising safe and simple during lock-down like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Going back to work after a holiday needn’t be daunting – coming back refreshed and rejuvenated will mean you and your employees can seamlessly get back into the working routine, ready to take on any challenge.


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