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Learn how to explain a gap in your CV by following these 4 simple steps...

Gaps in a CV are a common occurrence for a lot of us. There are a number of positive reasons why you could have a period of unemployment including a career break, becoming a parent or travelling, the important thing to remember is how to convey this gap to your potential future employer and minimise the impact on your application.

1. Don’t hide what you did in your CV Gap

Always be open and honest on your CV. It’s important to convey your personality and trustworthiness from the offset, so if there is a gap in your CV, don’t try and disguise it. If you were unemployed, travelling, volunteering or undertaking further study, pull out the skills you developed and experiences you had in this time to show how they will transfer to the job at hand.

2. Use a summary statement to your advantage

Use your summary statement at the top of your CV to tie your employment history together. In no more than 100 words, bridge the gaps between employment and unemployment by succinctly telling your story, showing how you came to be where you are in your career, the skills you've gained and what you hope to achieve in the future.

3. Play to your strengths

It’s very easy to worry about any small gap on your CV, however if you focus your efforts and communicate the skills that make you an excellent candidate for the role you are applying for, this will come across strongly to potential employers. Attract attention for the right reasons.

4. Finally, be prepared to discuss at interview

Following the steps above will strengthen your CV and encourage employers to look past any gaps and schedule an interview, so it’s important to be prepared to explain any gaps or inconsistencies in your employment history. Make sure you have your answer prepared so you aren’t caught off guard. Positively explain the gap and then focus the conversation on the future and what you can bring to the company.


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