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IT Skills In High Demand in 2020

Since the pandemic began back in March of this year, the UK jobs market has been transformed substantially. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what this means for recruitment, specifically within the IT & Software industries.

Before the pandemic began, a report from Luminate, Skills Shortages in the UK 2019/2020 which takes its data from the Employer Skills Survey (ESS) 2017, stated that a 3rd of jobs advertised in the UK were hard to fill and consequently in demand by employers. Among this 33% were IT related roles. Fast forward to the present day, the IT jobs market has been much less affected compared to other areas of the economy in 2020 - in fact the demand for skilled IT software developers , technicians and support technicians has rapidly increased due to the nature of our working world and our need and reliance on technology to keep the economy moving forward.

Riada are dealing with increased client demand across Northern Ireland, as leading companies are currently recruiting for full time, permanent IT Technicians, Web Developers, Software Developers & Support Technicians. The positions currently available range from Junior to Senior level roles, highlighting the need for these essential skills across the board. View all vacancies here>

Office Services business development manager Nyree Quinn believes IT professionals should take advantage of a jobs market suited to their needs and experience.

‘Over the past few months I’ve been speaking to more and more companies searching for technical candidates, those with strong knowledge of computer languages like SQL, Java and C# - there’s also a robust hiring demand for technology professionals with skills in infrastructure and networking like that of IT Support. It’s really promising to experience an industry thriving despite the external challenges businesses have and are still facing this year. There’s still a way to go before we can be completely clear about the full effects of the pandemic on the jobs market, but what I do know is that businesses are thinking hard now about their future skills set needs - get in touch and be a part of it! ”

Its predicted the 'low carbon workforce' will treble by 2030 and that demand for digital skills combined with transferable skills such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills and leadership skills will also become more important as technology advances and virtual working becomes a lot more common as organisations modernise their IT infrastructure.


If you’re looking to start your IT career, change jobs or perhaps finding yourself out of work, get ahead of the game and get in touch.

Give us a call on 028 7032 6600, email your CV to or visit our website.


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