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5 Tips On How To Change Your Facebook Profile To Help Your Career...

How do you boost your personal online brand?

Since the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. As of the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular social network worldwide. We live in a world fuelled by technology and social media so it’s important we use the various influential platforms to our advantage.

If you’re looking for new job opportunities, graduating from university, college or simply wanting to revamp your online presence with a new tone and feel, new research has shown that having a well structured and organised Facebook presence can help promote your work, personal aspirations, interests and connect with others like you, sharing similar goals.

By following the hints and tips below you can achieve a more healthy and professional presence, subsequently boosting your positive online image.

1. Add a profile picture

The first step may be obvious but it really does matter. Adding a profile picture is a great way to show your personality and let potential employers get a better idea of who you are. It is easier to remember a face than a name, so…

  • Upload a picture of just yourself, avoiding group photos.

  • Contrary to popular belief, your picture doesn’t have to be too serious - smile and let your personality come across. Potential employers and connections will want to connect with positive, like-minded individuals.

  • Ensure a unique background - perhaps in a favoured location, coffee shop or using your laptop. Stand out to be remembered.

2. Fill out the about section.

Facebook allows you to enter the schools you've attended, the jobs you've worked at, the places you’ve lived, and all your other social media links in the “about” section of each profile. Fill it in as best as you can to highlight your most significant achievements.

The information you add in the “about” section will help Facebook find fellow coworkers, employers and potential friends for you that will all enhance your personal brand.

3. Post relevant, original content regularly

Did you recently attend a popular event that relates to your chosen career field? Did you travel on the holiday of a lifetime last year? Share your thoughts about it! Create aesthetically pleasant albums of your journeys, update your cover photo to where you live, share a blog that you think your audience might like. It’s important to show potential employers that you can come up with great content online and get positive reactions from your friends - it shows you’re unique and thinking outside the box!

4. Networking

Add friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances that you have things in common with. Don’t forget that your friends reflect who you are!

5. Add Professional Experience

It’s important to add your professional qualifications. Make sure to include where you’ve studied ie school, university and what kind of job titles you hold. It will help make you more distinguishable and also get you noticed by people who might be looking for workers with your skillset.


We have strong following of excellent professional connections on our Facebook page so be sure to send us a message for more information, give us a call on 028 7032 6600 or send us an email to to find out how our recruitment experts can help you progress in your career.

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