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What does a recruitment company do in lock down, when most people are at home?

How was lock down for you? For your business? How many times did our community hear the word ‘unprecedented’?! When the purpose of your business is to connect people and talent with companies and jobs, you might think this was the perfect time to close the doors and take a break. Riada made a conscious choice to be different...

Riada's experience sourcing locally for permanent and temporary staff enabled us to fully support the recruitment needs of clients and essential industries across Northern Ireland, we have been doing it for the past 20 years and intend to continue doing it.

Throughout 2020 Riada adopted an agile approach to running the business, making the choices that had to be made quickly to ensure our team was there to support the needs of essential industries and our community during lock down. Ultimately within 24 hours, the business was fully relocated to home working, enabling our team to:

  • Supply 50 workers for Mid & East Antrim Borough Council

  • Provide 1000 workers to staff PPE manufacturing facilities

  • Make 500 calls within 24 hours resulting in the delivery of 249 manufacturing workers in 3 days

  • Deliver to 40 companies throughout lockdown

Our team supplied Mid & East Antrim Borough Council with refuse collectors, toilet attendants, labourers and recycling operatives to help support the ever-increasing demand for essential logistics, food & manufacturing industries since April of this year.

After being initially contacted in April with the request for 220 immediate workers to start over a 7 day period, our team got to work making over 500 calls within 24 hours resulting in the delivery of 249 workers in the first 3 days of our 15 week recruitment campaign. In total, 1000 workers were provided to staff PPE manufacturing facilities in Mid Ulster, helping to support the ever changing requirements and maximise production volume on a day to day basis.

Throughout lock down, Riada delivered to over 40 companies within the manufacturing, engineering, production, warehousing, agricultural and food industries. These industries needed to meet production demand with quality output and trusted our team’s expertise in finding the right type of candidate quickly and efficiently.

Riada has successfully navigated unprecedented challenges and discovered many benefits for our staff and clients by working remotely in 2020. Our team is here to support you and your business, enabling us to collectively revive and drive economic growth across Northern Ireland.


For a confidential discussion of your recruitment requirements contact our business manager Gary Thompson on 028 2563 1555 or email


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