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5 Jobs You Didn't Know Are In High Demand...

Finding the right job is a priority for many of us wanting to establish our careers, save for the future and secure a work life balance that benefits our health and well being.

What kinds of qualifications do I need? What companies are hiring at the minute? The working world can become a daunting prospect but there are fields where demand is growing across the UK, resulting in positive economic growth and plenty of opportunity for people living in Northern Ireland.

We wanted to share with you the different industries that are actively seeking skilled candidates in 2019, explain the numerous job opportunities available and take a look at the reasons behind this increasing demand.


Qualified and newly qualified financial and accounting professionals are very much in demand, and this year clients across the province are planning ahead in regards to their recruitment efforts in order to attract the best talent possible.

Agri / Food

In Northern Ireland, our agricultural industry is one of the biggest and most profitable province wide. NI Direct has commented on the need for people with experience in food production ranging from Food Scientists, H&S Officers to Supply Chain Managers.

The last few years have seen a swell of younger people returning home after gaining qualifications abroad to experience the lifestyle that Northern Ireland has to offer, and with many companies looking to refresh their recruitment efforts in the new financial year now is the time to apply.


There’s been a big shift in the last ten years when it comes to disposable income. As technology has evolved, people are more inclined to use their disposable income on experiences, especially dining out. The “experience economy” has seen dramatic growth and with restaurant numbers growing, the demand for chefs is too.


As recently as January 2019, the Royal Academy of Engineering estimates there’s an annual demand for an extra 59,000 engineers in companies in the UK.

For people currently studying civil, mechanical, electrical or construction related disciplines, recent graduates or experienced engineering professionals, there are roles available from entry to senior level positions right now.


The need for tradespeople in Northern Ireland remains steady with joiners, bricklayers, mechanics, electricians and manufacturing operatives highly sought after. Pursuing a career in construction is becoming an increasingly savvy move with immediate income available, apprenticeships offering the possibility to ‘earn while you learn’ and many employment opportunities available. The next generation choosing a career in the trades industry will help build a sustainable skills base.

Opportunities for new employment are certainly out there, it’s time to take advantage of the job seekers market.


Are you interested in finding out more about these or similar positions? Get in touch with our team today.

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